This project is about collect 30 artefacts of the same type.

So I am Going Through my own collections of kinder toys which I have been collecting since 2009 I remember buying them from the independently random shops remember one time getting a favourite character of Disney which was awesome since that time I decided to collect all my kinder toys never know one day I am going to use them on my university project.

I began to choose 30 of them for my Taxonomy project, then photography each character individually.

Taking the photos helped me to find my idea to make communicated the taxonomies and cultural insight with in this collection.

I come up to make a stop motion animation. So I started to think about story to approach what I want to concept and produce this animation.

I thought about simple way to shows all these 30 collection basically the first idea come to me I tried to perform.

The story based on car race competition which one of these character won this competition and all others her friends encourage her through this race So firstly I began to take photography from the small movement and tried made my stop motion animation by using adobe after effect.

Although I was quite happy with my outcome and it was first animation I had done. After representing my work I got feedback to development my animation I should have to explain briefly of the story, to communication with the audience and also I shows the each character name and the year I collected them in the end of my final animation. Then I thought, I would be get more attractive if i do some design with each pictures to change their background pattern in adobe illustrator. so I did change all my pictures for the new frame for my final outcome animation.

From my collection and my animation I developed the most appropriate concept and the way to communicate to audience through my art work its gave me a new different experience.


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