After many different designs and development, I have finally come to one design that I feel are a good way of visually representing my data. To do this I have used a different technique for my final poster that I feel is visually interesting enough and that ties down the meaning I want to get across with my data.

I came up with a title of Beauty and makeup in UK for my design and used a specifically chosen colour scheme through the different ages so as to be consistent. I am much happier with these designs; I think they look more detailed and professional compared to my first and second design. I also added an interactive element to one of the posters – this was developed from one of my previous ideas (different colour with ages) that I incorporated into one particular poster where you can find information out by following the age colours in the data set. The final poster is a series of web designs which I had the idea to create as an the information makeup website. .. The group in question consists of the women who use makeup. The project visualises the individual’s relationship to the community of different age of women and the relation between one group who has resources and one who wants access to those resources. The visualisation consists of the last online survey research; displayed in different group age by showing different colours, Each circle links to the different question.

This visually graphic data shows that, women’s time and money are spending on makeup between ages 18 to 64 in the UK. This data was collected from online survey and represented in this data visualisation. The data indicates that why a lot of women these days are wearing makeup and also shows how they express their feeling by using makeup.


data final



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