This design with three different colours is the short version of my development for the cath kidston -branding YCN competition. I began this project wanted to design something out of the ordinary, as cath kidston said in the brief “ British sense of humour and English heritage ”. The design I have done is about the weather because English weather is changeable and is always what people are first talk about, in order to show my idea I have chosen a fox with umbrella and drink in his hand to remain recognisable, as we know we cant relay on fox like English weather, we never know what fox is up to, as we know fox character is cunning, so I thought these two would describe each other, this was my solution. With the British sense of humour in mind I decided to look at cath kidston existing design, after taking great influence from those designs, I did some sketches and then I looked more into illustrations rather than pattern and shapes. I would focus mostly on colour, the different colour ways maximum of 12 colours that request, therefore I decided to look into some different orange and highlight for the fox design, I went for less natural colours to focus on not showy. Overall I think this design creative and stylist looking design for cath kidston that will certainly stand out on the making modern British women stuff when sat on the product.



shirt  bag

12 Colours


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