Based on British sense of humour and cheekiness and also English heritage

The first idea came to me its about the weather whenever English people talk to me their first talk is of the weather, the weather going to rain or shine in Britain no one knows it is so changeable.

So I decided to keep my design simple and funny, the first idea is about weather but the way I wanted to represent is important so I thought about fox

Fox is woodland British animal, fox character is cunning and trickery we never know what fox is up to

  • Distrust
  • Get away

Then I came up with this idea showing a fox with umbrella, which I’m trying to say you cant, rely on English weather like fox.

And the way I want to design create fox under rainy weather or shiny weather

  • Changeable: rain –shine
  • Distrust: hanky panky

My first sketches





To start my development I decided to begin with some sketches, I used colour pencil to paint some kind of mixed of different colour and also experiment of different colour ways. The next stage of my development will take the design into Photoshop and illustration.


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