Research and collect a suitable data set. Develop multiple options prior to developing your written project proposal. This proposal will become your personal project brief and will be expected to identify clear personal/ professional aims and objectives. It will integrate reflections derived from your previous project and the formative assessment you received. From your data set you will develop the most appropriate concept and produce a cohesive body of work. The presentation of this work may be a number of static images or designs, moving image, virtual display, animation or physical installation – as outlined within your proposal.

1951_showcase_project_detail_item create-infographic-13

cc3ae7e9654c168fcc3ba09507634dd1 beatles




mind map


The Origins of Makeup

A guide to the history of makeup

the-origins-of-makeup_52b02aed968dd_w1500 copy



Makeup Data Visualisation

Millennials-Makeup-Infographic-FINAL1 INFOGRAPHIC-magic-of-makeup1



american-beauty-by-the-numbers_530f9ca063c99_w1500 copy

how-makeup-changes-us_52d56fcdb5347_w1500 copy how-makeup-changes-us_52d56fcdb5347_w1500

First I created a simple design based on my makeup idea. .I designed a simple info-graphic to compare my mum and myself Opinion by answers the simple question and also to collect individual response from them. By do that I just give myself a brief idea of layout and composition for my design and how to questioner and collection information in my survey.

first experience





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